Playing Fiasco

Playing fiasco was an interesting experience for me. It was very funny and interactive, which I liked but the actual game was very confusing. The directions seemed to be very straightforward, however there were a lot of steps to the game, and considering the instructions were on separate sheets of paper, it was very hard for my group to keep up with them. Besides that, however, we really enjoyed playing the game, it opened a lot of gates for us to have creative discussions and it made the experience very personal for us. At the start of the game, we were very bored and uninterested because it took us quite a long time to figure out how fiasco even worked. I’m not sure if we knew all the instructions, but we got the gist of the game and worked with what we knew. I was surprised that we all had so much fun with the game and were able to make such a complicated story.

              Overall, our story had a very corrupt plot however it was very funny to make. The people I played the game with were Suneil, also known as Storm and Jin. Suneil and I were said to be partners in crime while me and Jin were said to be coworkers. Jin, started off the game and the story. The plot of the story revolved around a love triangle between me, Jin, and Jin’s ‘girlfriend’. Suneil and I, were said to have some secret plan that Jn was trying to find out, little did he know, I was having an affair with his girlfriend. His girlfriend eventually tries to throw me in a volcano which leads to Jin breaking up with his girlfriend. By the end of the story, Suneil and I are trying to rob a nude café and Jin’s girlfriend stopped Jin from trying to shoot Suneil and I end up going to jail.

Throughout the making of the story, we were more focused on plot twists than we were on the actual progression of the story line. I think if we would have focused more so on the substance of the story and the way in which we transitioned into each plot twist and major event, our story would have been a lot stronger. However, I am very proud of the story that we made. In comparison to an online game, I think playing the game in a table top style allowed us more freedom to interpret and make the game our own. It forced us to use our imagination a lot more because there were only so many instructions for us to follow. We all stayed pretty active throughout the story however it seemed as though I was more focused on moving the plot forward. We all were more interested in how the story fit together rather than our own individual character roles. Suneil was responsible for the character development throughout the game, while Jin and I focused on conflict and resolution. Playing Fiasco allowed for more creative control and it forced us to collaborate more as a group. It teaches you how to add to a bigger picture rather than what you, personally may want to get out of the game.

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